Awesome Dog 5000

ISBN 978-0-525-64481-1

The book is fully loaded with:

  • 200 pages of illustrated fun

  • Weirdo humor

  • Random trivia facts 

  • Crazy explosions

  • Old school video games (and cheat codes)

  • Food fights

  • Robots, an evil scientist, strange potions

  • And a secret mystery to solve at the very end!


 Unleash the awesome!

Awesome Dog 5000 VS. Mayor Bossypants

ISBN 978-0525644859

The book is fully loaded with:

  • 200 more pages of illustrated goodness

  • Even weirder humor

  • More trivia facts 

  • A grandma with nunchuks

  • Giant robots, guys in disguises, and lots and lots of pizza

  • Plus an all-new secret mystery to solve!


 Unleash the awesome again!


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